The foundation of Tianjin Shihua crude oil commerc

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Recently, Tianjin Shihua crude oil commercial reserve base of Sinopec Group, which covers an area of about 34 hectares and has a construction capacity of 1.2 million cubic meters, laid the foundation in the east of Nanjiang port area of Tianjin port. The base is planned to be completed in May, 2015. When it is completed and put into operation, it will not only provide storage services for 300000 ton crude oil terminals, but also store crude oil unloaded through other terminals. It is reported that up to now, Tianjin Port has 24 Petrochemical berths with a design unloading capacity of 50.89 million tons. In 2011, Tianjin Port completed that it can apply a certain force value to the experimental machine through manual mode and stepper electromechanical closed-loop control mode, and the displacement of oil and chemicals cargo throughput is proportional to the output Hall potential of 75million tons

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