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Format of NC program segment and composition of NC machine tool program

NC program is composed of several "program segments" (blocks), and the third program segment is composed of "words" arranged in a certain order and regulations. A word is a collection of English letters, special words and numbers that represent an address. A group code symbol that represents a function. If X500 is a word, it means that the X dimension is 500; F20 is a word, indicating that the feed speed is 20 (the specific value is determined by the specified code method). Word is the information unit that controls the time experiment machine or program. Program segment format refers to the arrangement order and expression of words in a program segment

There are many types of program segment formats, such as fixed sequence program segment format, fixed sequence program segment format with separator, and word address program segment format. Now the most widely used is the projet MJP 5600, which allows customers to distribute different material mixtures to different shells in a single part in the "word address format". The following is an example of this format:

it can be seen from the above example that the program segment is composed of sequence number word, preparation function word, dimension word, feed function word, spindle function word, tool function word, auxiliary function word and program structure. One belt harness symbol can be directly replaced. In addition, there are interpolation parameters. Each word begins with a letter and is called "address". The address meaning specified in ISO standard is shown in table 2.2

the meanings of each function word are as follows:

(1) sequence number

is used to indicate the sequence of operation of the program from startup, that is, the sequence number of execution of the program segment. It is represented by the address code "n" and the following three digits

(2) preparation function or g-Function

is also called G code. The preparation function is a function that enables the NC device to perform certain operations. It is generally followed by the sequence number of the program segment, and is represented by the address code "g" and two numbers

(3) dimension word

dimension word gives the displacement direction and data of each coordinate axis of the machine tool. It is composed of the address code and number of each coordinate axis. The size word is generally arranged after the G function word. Address code of dimension word: X, y, Z, u, V, W, P, Q, R for feed motion; The address codes for rotary motion are: A, B, C, D, e. In addition, there are interpolation parameters: I, J, K, etc

(4) feed function word (June, 2013

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