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The former Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology said that the timetable for private capital to enter basic telecommunications was clear

for the basic telecommunications field that has been difficult for private capital to enter, the Chinese government has set a timetable for opening it to private capital. At present, the Ministry of industry 7, construction: and information technology are formulating detailed rules

this is the information disclosed by LiYiZhong, former Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, in an interview with China business news yesterday morning

China's horizontal promotion: it is mainly popular in European countries. Two years ago, the government formulated several opinions on encouraging and guiding the healthy development of private investment to encourage private capital to enter monopoly industries such as energy, municipal administration, telecommunications, railways and even national defense industry. However, the basic telecommunications sector was one of the areas that were not open to the outside world for the time being during the negotiations on China's accession to the WTO that year, and there were many difficulties for private capital to enter

China's private capital has been active in the secondary operation fields of the telecommunications industry, mainly including value-added services such as information content services and information technology services, and has produced a large number of enterprises with market competitiveness. However, in the field of network facilities and basic telecommunications services, the three "national prefix" telecom operators have always controlled them, and private capital has few opportunities to enter them

LiYiZhong said that the official has a timetable for private capital to enter the field of basic telecommunications, and is now formulating implementation rules and plans to ensure that private capital can enter this field in an orderly manner

at the same time, he reminded that the three major domestic telecom companies are actually listed companies. Private capital and foreign capital of the high-frequency fatigue testing machine produced for you by Shandong gaokesida have already participated in it. However, the social circulation shares of the three major telecom companies are not large, only about 30% at present

Li Yizhong also responded to the public's widespread concern about the high telecommunication tariff. In the past few years, China's telecommunication tariff has dropped by about 9% every year, which is unmatched by other experimental processors. However, the continuous reduction of tariff is a principle of the reform and opening up of the telecommunications industry and will continue to be promoted

at the same time, he said that the government could not specify how much telecom tariff would be reduced each year. The telecom industry needs to respect market rules and gradually reduce tariff standards through competition, management and technological progress. First finance

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