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Managers' power operation

Abstract: the best means of leaders' power operation is to restrain rather than indulge their power, and the higher the position, the more 8) the software has the function of experimental analysis, so it should be; Power operation is mainly realized through authorization, employment, training of subordinates and participatory management; Managers are people who lead their subordinates to achieve goals, not people who achieve goals through personal ability; It is the person who excavates and mobilizes the enthusiasm of subordinates to the greatest extent; Management is the art of letting others work

managers are people who lead their subordinates to achieve goals, not people who achieve goals through personal ability; It is the person who excavates and mobilizes the enthusiasm of subordinates to the greatest extent; Management is the art of letting others work

the best way for leaders to operate power is to restrain rather than indulge their power. They mainly realize it through authorization, employment, training subordinates and participatory management

first, leaders' suppression of power makes it easier for subordinates to achieve their goals.

a morvin survey at the Massachusetts Institute of technology found that most successful leaders have one thing in common: trying to limit their scope of work. A successful leader in low-frequency fatigue control can be defined as: maximizing the ability of his subordinates. In other words, the appropriate downward shift of power will make the focus of power closer to the grass-roots level, and it is easier to stimulate the work enthusiasm of subordinate personnel. This principle is a bit like a common toy - tumbler. The tumbler is made according to a simple mechanical principle: the lower the center of gravity of an object, the better its stability, and the greater the empty component above the center of gravity. Can the tumbler's principle of not falling inspire the reasonable authorization of leaders

a large number of practices have proved that it is easier for leaders to restrain their power to make subordinates complete tasks. At the same time, this is also one of the important signs to distinguish generals and handsome talents. The most direct manifestation of restraining power is full authorization, which plays a self-evident role in the process of enterprise management. The larger the scale and the more complex the product line, the greater the significance of authorization

for example, Qian Jinbo, chairman of Red Dragonfly Group, wrote an article saying that the development of red dragonfly can be roughly divided into three stages. The first stage was in 1997, when I put down the power of financial examination and approval, and invited the director of the local government Materials Bureau who was not related to him to serve as the company's chief financial officer, leaving all my possessions in his charge. At that time, many people did not agree: money is the lifeblood of the enterprise, so hand over financial rights, Are you kidding? But I still insist on doing so, because when the enterprise was small, the boss could deal with large and small accounts with a pen, but when the enterprise was large, the boss would be unable to manage the finance alone with a pen. So now I put down a pen of Finance and let our chief financial officer manage it. In this way, many things will not lead me in, and my thinking will be more open, so I can think about some strategic issues

the second stage is to take the initiative to give up the position of president. I feel that the enterprise is growing. How can I be worthy of shareholders, more than 5000 employees and more than 2500 end customers? Can my knowledge structure and personal ability meet the needs of enterprise growth? So I hired the deputy director of Wenzhou Municipal Commission of discipline inspection as the president of the group, and entrusted him with the daily management of the enterprise, so I have 50% time to find and find talents, Whoever conforms to the corporate philosophy of Red Dragonfly will hire him at a high salary

the third stage is to relinquish the current chairman position and return to the role of major shareholder within threeorfour years

there are four common ways of authorization: uneven authorization, insufficient authorization, elastic authorization and restriction authorization of the force on both sides of the specimen during the tensile process after full inclination. Full authorization requires that when assigning tasks, subordinates are allowed to decide their own action plans and create all necessary conditions by themselves. This method is often used by subordinates or large companies with strong ability. Insufficient authorization means that subordinates understand the situation on the front line and put forward preliminary opinions, which are decided by superiors. Flexible authorization is to adopt different authorization methods at different stages of a task. Restriction and authorization refers to the authorization of two or more subsystems after the decomposition of the authority of a task, so that the subsystems can restrict each other, so as to avoid the failure of the task

at the same time, we should also note that authorization is not effective, and its negative effects are also great. Reasonable authorization and reasonable control of power are particularly important. The following are the principles of authorization:

⑴ the principle of visual authorization. Never authorize an incompetent, honest person who only knows how to follow blindly

⑵ the principle of no doubt in employment. In order to increase the enthusiasm of subordinates and tap their business potential, entrepreneurs should make sure that there is no doubt about the employment of people and no doubt about people

⑶ routine specification principle. Leadership work can be divided into routine and normative principle work and exceptional and non-standard work, and the former is mainly authorized to deal with a wide range of work

⑷ level by level authorization principle. Leapfrog authorization will inevitably disrupt the normal work order, which will not only not save time, but also waste time for this

⑤ the principle of control in the process of teaching. Authorization must be controllable, and uncontrollable authorization is waiver. In other words, the trick of entrepreneurs is to give subordinates two items, a rope and a piece of sugar. The rope is a restraint mechanism to control the scope of authority of the authorized person, and sugar is an incentive mechanism to stimulate subordinates to maximize their potential within the scope of authority

⑥ the principle of tolerating failure. Real empowerment is based on the premise that entrepreneurs tolerate the failure of their subordinates

in addition, there is another important principle of authorization, that is, the working method of entrepreneurs is to do multiple-choice questions, and the working method of subordinates is to work out multiple-choice questions and answer questions. Due to the nature of work and the content and mode of thinking, enterprise leaders are not good at question and answer, but are willing to do multiple-choice questions. It is not the incompetence of leaders, but the art of authorization, which not only mobilizes the enthusiasm of subordinates, but also improves work efficiency and makes the intellectual capital of enterprises

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