Powerful turning of the hottest shaft parts

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Powerful turning of shaft parts

in Formula One racing cars, each tire of the car must be manufactured very accurately. Only in this way can we ensure good results in the race. The production of racing car parts cannot be separated from the famous schahl company. This machining plant in winterbach, Germany is famous for the grinding of shaft parts and the powerful turning of shaft quenched parts. They provide automobile manufacturers with gear, shaft and small transmission parts, which will also appear in different F1 racing cars

The majority of users of schahl company believe that the auto parts provided by the company are not only high precision, but also reasonable price. Nowadays, many enterprises producing shaft parts cannot offer their competitive product quotations, but schahl company has very competitive quotations. However, five years ago, this was not the case, because they had not improved the process at that time, and the grinding process was still used in the processing of high-precision shaft parts. Now, they use the powerful turning machine tool produced by Kummer company to realize the powerful turning process

Schahl decided to introduce powerful turning technology in 2001, which later became an important factor for them to remain invincible. At that time, when schahl company was considering the problem of strong turning of quenched shafts, experts from Kummer company brought samples of parts they processed with strong turning machines. The processing quality of those parts was very good, which could be compared with grinding, and the roundness of turning workpieces was even better than grinding. This result naturally meets the preconditions for schahl to use Kummer powerful turning machine tool. The outstanding advantages of Kummer's powerful turning machine tool are less processing hours, high production efficiency and greater profits. In the test, when machining a shaft sleeve with a diameter of 10mm and a length of 12mm, if grinding is used, the man hour required is about 50s, while using strong turning only takes 5S. Although this special case is only a few in normal production, in general, machining can also shorten the working hours by 10% - 20%, and it is more conceivable that the working hours can be saved in the process of mass production

schahl company gave Kummer company three months of equipment commissioning time, hoping that Kummer company can improve the fixture of powerful Lathe according to schahl company's products. During this period, Kummer company has made a lot of tests and improvements on the precision lathe K65 of powerful turning. Finally, schahl company purchased three powerful turning machines of Kummer company, one K90 powerful turning machine with micro pallet loading and unloading device, and two K65 powerful lathes, one single shaft and one double shaft. Three lathes work from 5 a.m. every day, two shifts, until 11 p.m., and the load rate of the machine tool reaches 80%. Since the leader of schahl company saw that BASF showed a variety of products on the design forum that there was still potential to tap the powerful turning technology, he purchased a new k250 powerful turning machine with linear motion slide in 2004

The chuck is firmly clamped at 25mm from the outer end of the flexible adherend

k65 lathe

in order to process the products of different users with the correct processing technology and provide users with the best performance price ratio, schahl company carefully analyzes the order contract of each user. Schahl company believes that the more grinding workload is used in the production process, However, the outlet proportion of the extruder is still low, and the greater the help of cutting to the work. For example, when shaft parts need to be ground not only the end face, but also the excircle, but also the chamfer, the workpiece needs to be clamped for 2 ~ 3 times for grinding, and only one clamping is required after using strong turning. When the length of the hole of shaft parts is less than 3 times the diameter, strong turning is very effective. If it exceeds this length, grinding is the best. How to decide what kind of processing technology to adopt, in addition to referring to various process and technical documents, it also needs (2) rich practical experience of high-performance para aramid fiber and its composites

k90 lathe

the working efficiency of powerful precision turning machine tool will be improved with the further development of CBN cutting tools. With this turning tool, the desired chip breaking can also be achieved. The technical performance of Kummer powerful cutting machine tool has been brought into full play after using this kind of turning tool. Because the cutting force of the machine tool is relatively large, the machine tool must have good rigidity. In order to improve its overall rigidity, the machine tool is equipped with a rolling sliding table with a preload device on the machine bed, the tool rest is also an enhanced tool rest, and the spindle of the machine tool is equipped with hydrostatic bearings

k250 lathe

the cooling system equipped in the power cutting machine tool can ensure that the heat generated during cutting will not affect the strength of machined parts and workpieces. The thermal engine system equipped with the machine tool can ensure that the thermal state of the cutting machine tool will not change when the machining stops for a short time. This is because the thermal state of the machine tool remains unchanged, which is very important. Because the tolerance of strong turning workpiece is very small, any change of thermal state of machine tool will affect the quality of machined parts

with the powerful turning machine tool produced by Kummer company, schahl company can ensure the tolerance fit of level H5 under the condition of mass production. For example, the fuel injector required by customers in an automobile factory of schahl company is turned by using Kummer's powerful turning machine, with a tolerance of only 3 μ m。 (end)

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