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Zhucheng power supply company: emergency additional lighting street lamps to provide power guarantee for epidemic prevention work

at 5:16 p.m. on January 29, after more than five hours of hard work, Taolin power supply station of Zhucheng power supply company finally installed and completed four brand-new and shiny spotlights at yuegezhuang checkpoint in the Town, providing power guarantee for the village to do a better job in epidemic prevention

on the evening of January 28, the main leaders of Zhucheng municipal Party committee supervised and inspected the epidemic prevention work in Taolin town. When passing through yuegezhuang checkpoint on Kaicheng Road, they proposed rectification measures for the addition and lighting of street lamps in Taolin town

epidemic is command, prevention and control is. In the evening of that day, Taolin power supply station received an urgent notice from the Taolin town Party committee, requiring the station to go all out to do a good job in the lighting of street lights at the yuegezhuang checkpoint on Kaicheng Road, so as to ensure that 24 small nano powder metallurgy materials can complete the task within the time limit. After receiving the notice, Taolin power supply station immediately launched the emergency plan and set up an emergency response team headed by the director. The members of the rainbow communist party service team rushed ahead, voluntarily gave up their vacation, and worked together to formulate emergency strategies for material procurement, on-site investigation, construction and so on

at 6 a.m. on the 29th, just before dawn, members of the rainbow communist party service team took the lead to yuegezhuang checkpoint to conduct on-site investigation and provide first-hand information for material preparation and procurement. At 7 o'clock in the morning, the material purchasing personnel rushed to the material purchasing point in the urban area according to the material demand of street lamp construction. However, because bdi606 fell by 1 during the epidemic, the purchasing points were not open. The buyer did not give up and contacted the merchants one by one. This move moved the merchants. Finally, sufficient materials were purchased at 12:11 noon, and they immediately returned to Taolin without taking a rest

as soon as the materials were in place, the members of the rainbow Communist Party member service team of Taolin power supply station braved the cold wind and took the lead in the construction work. After wiring, pole mounting, covering GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS... And a series of procedures such as lamp installation and commissioning, the installation of spotlights arranged by the Taolin town Party committee was successfully completed at 5:16 p.m

as night fell, the constructors were happy to see the bright street lights at the checkpoint. "The newly installed street lamp is bright, fast and does not coincide with the main needle to catch up with the day, so it is more convenient for us to work!" The staff of the checkpoint said happily

in the face of the epidemic, the party members of Taolin power supply station are facing difficulties, which is only an epitome of the work of the rainbow Communist Party member service team of the city's power supply company. They always put the people's demand for electricity in the first place, and with a highly responsible attitude, strengthened the power supply service guarantee, laying the foundation for the anti epidemic work. (Dou Haozhi, correspondent Li Fang)

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