Power supply is the key to the construction of the

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Power supply is the key to the construction of outdoor base stations

at present, with the rapid development of China's communication industry, especially the application of 3G network and FTTx technology, major operators have set off a new round of network construction and optimization. Affected by the shortage of station site resources in urban areas, signal blind areas, insufficient rural coverage and other factors, the traditional mode of building stations in computer rooms is difficult to meet the requirements of operators, and the proportion of building outdoor base stations is increasing

outdoor base stations are a flexible, efficient and economical way to build stations. However, because outdoor stations are mostly deployed in outdoor environments such as roofs, mountains, roadsides, communities, villages, etc., they are greatly affected by weather conditions and climate, so they have high requirements for the reliability, stability and environmental adaptability of the power supply system. Especially in the current situation of tight power supply and frequent extreme weather, how to ensure the power supply safety of outdoor stations is undoubtedly a major challenge for operators to carry out network construction and optimization

outdoor environment: test the three performance of power supply

outdoor communication stations are mainly built in open environments such as villages and towns, rural areas, mountainous areas, suburban areas and urban outdoor areas, so as to eliminate the signal coverage blind areas in these areas, alleviate the pressure on the network or improve the service quality. The electrical environment in these areas is relatively complex, and even events such as power rationing and sudden power outages are common. In order to ensure the reliable and stable operation of the communication network, operators need to use special outdoor communication power supply or outdoor UPS (uninterruptible power supply). Due to the special application environment of outdoor power products, they are different from general indoor power products in quality and performance. At present, when choosing outdoor power products, operators should mainly evaluate from the following three aspects:

first, power supply reliability. Communication power supply products mainly provide stable, pure and uninterrupted power supply for communication network, protect communication network equipment from power pollution and damage, and ensure that key business systems can operate normally in case of sudden power failure, which requires high reliability and availability of equipment. Especially for outdoor power products, the electrical environment they face is more complex, and they have to face many problems, such as power outage, voltage spike, voltage surge, frequency drift, harmonic interference, voltage fluctuation and so on. Therefore, it is required that the quality of product components should be higher to ensure the service life of the product. At the same time, the electrical adaptability should be stronger, which can play a better role in stabilizing voltage, filtering and purifying current. In addition, the equipment itself should have certain self-protection and fault diagnosis capabilities, such as lightning protection, short-circuit protection, etc., in order to better provide power support for the communication network

secondly, protective performance. This is also the most basic difference between outdoor power supply products and general indoor power supply equipment. Since outdoor power supply equipment is usually placed outdoors exposed to the sun, wind and rain, it is vulnerable to high and low temperature environment, rain and humidity, dust, salt fog and other conditions, so the protection ability of the equipment is extremely high. China has the standard gb/classification of enclosure protection grade for the prevention of rain, moisture, dust and foreign matters for electronic equipment, and the standard Ka: salt spray test method for the prevention of salt spray. For outdoor power supply equipment, the enclosure protection grade required by the industry must reach IP55, and the enclosure protection grade of battery cabinet must reach IP44

again, energy conservation and environmental protection. Energy conservation and emission reduction is not only the national industrial policy, but also the enterprise development strategy of operators. To build a green communication network, the most basic requirement is to adopt infrastructure products with high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection and safety. When choosing outdoor power supply equipment, operators can consider energy conservation, land conservation, environmental protection and other aspects: energy conservation can reduce energy consumption and have a direct effect on reducing operating costs; Land saving can reduce the investment in site construction and reduce the land cost of enterprises; Environmental protection is particularly important. Outdoor power supply equipment has close contact with the environment, and even directly affects the living environment. It must meet the relevant national and industrial standards in terms of electromagnetic radiation, audio noise, material pollution and so on

Emerson Network energy outdoor power supply solution

in view of China's electrical environment, geographical differences between North and south, climatic conditions and other factors, Emerson Network energy has made remarkable achievements in outdoor power supply technology after years of technology research and application practice. The outdoor power supply solution launched by the company for users in the communication industry has always emphasized the characteristics of high reliability, high availability, high intelligence, energy conservation and environmental protection, so as to meet the requirements of telecom operators that should cover an area of about 200 mu. At present, aiming at the construction characteristics of China's communication networks, especially the current construction needs of 3G networks and FTTx stations, Emerson Network energy has created EPC series integrated outdoor power supply and outdoor intelligent high-frequency UPS, and has innovatively launched ec260h outdoor integrated energy cabinet to meet the needs of FTTx station construction. These products can help operators turn off the power supply in terms of reliability, availability, protection performance, energy conservation and environmental protection

epc so the performance and accuracy of measurement is an important factor. The series of integrated outdoor power supply has always been an important brand in the outdoor power products of Emerson energy. This product adopts the integrated design concept, integrates the communication power supply system with reliable Emerson energy performance and the outdoor protective cabinet with excellent quality, and can provide stable and reliable energy guarantee for all kinds of outdoor communication equipment. For example, the product adopts efficient and reliable heat exchange technology, which can work normally under the ambient temperature of -40 ℃ - +45 ℃; It has the functions of automatic battery management and alarm. The protection grade of the product reaches IP55, effectively isolating the influence of outdoor adverse factors. In addition, its energy-saving effect is ideal. The module sleep energy-saving and fan intelligent speed regulation energy-saving technology adopted by the equipment greatly improves the energy utilization efficiency of the system and can effectively help operators achieve energy conservation and emission reduction

Emerson energy's outdoor intelligent high-frequency UPS products also have an ultra wide temperature adaptation range (-40 ℃ - +55 ℃), reaching IP55 protection grade, and can be used outdoors. Moreover, the product also adopts advanced DSP full digital control technology, unique battery management technology, and has expandable super charging capacity, which greatly provides the reliability and availability of equipment, especially battery components. More importantly, the system has strong self-protection and fault diagnosis capabilities, such as output overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, battery undervoltage protection, fast current limiting, short-circuit protection, lightning protection functions, etc., and can provide a pure and stable uninterruptible AC power supply for the wireless communication system. In addition, the product adopts novel and efficient circuit design, vigorously cultivating new economic growth points and cultivating new competitive advantages is an important task for the plastic processing industry to enter a new stage of development. With small volume, light weight, low investment cost and high reliability, it is a hot new generation of environmental protection power supply products in China's UPS market at present

it is worth mentioning that in order to meet the application needs of FTTx and rural informatization, Emerson energy also innovatively launched ec260h outdoor integrated power cabinet with high integration. Product positioning itself is to provide users with a comprehensive one-stop macro base station power supporting solutions. Its feature is that the system not only reserves sufficient space for main equipment, but also provides all-round power supporting solutions. This integrated power cabinet fully meets the integration needs of various main equipment for power equipment and the construction needs of integrated macro base station and VIP base station. In the current trend of network construction and optimization implemented by operators on a large scale, its application prospect is worth looking forward to

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