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Regional power security dispatching measures


the rapid growth of modern science and technology has also made significant progress in the degree of automation of power regulation in China. Now we can fully apply the electronic computer to monitor the power system, speed up the operation speed of the active system of power regulation at the same time of durable supervision and control, so as to collect all the active systems of power regulation The operation of processing provides great convenience, and finally allows all information to be comprehensively applied. The most important thing is that now the automation of power regulation can complete the man-machine dialogue, ensuring that all electricity remains in excellent operating conditions. Operation staff usually judge whether the piecemeal operation is outstanding according to the condition of the piecemeal operation, and deal with the problems encountered in a timely manner

1. Analysis of the impact of Enron production management of power enterprises in the new period

(1) Enron production management is the foundation for power enterprises to complete their long-term growth. The long-term production growth of power enterprises must constantly improve their own economic benefits, which requires that the enterprise management part must rely on doing a good job of safe production management, so as to prevent the increase of power supply and the increase of additional expenditure when friction occurs due to various power consumption accidents, and provide an excellent fundamental environment for the stable growth of power enterprises

(2) safe production management is the key to ensure safe power supply. Because of the rapid growth of China's power industry technology, it has now entered the stage of large-scale units, high parameters, high voltage and high initiative. The production, transportation and utilization of power enterprises have doubled the progress of their predecessors, and put forward higher requirements for the safe and secure operation of electricity. Preventing the destruction of power equipment and the generation of large-scale power supply blackouts has become the primary task, At the same time, it is also the basic requirement to complete the safe production management of electric power

(3) the safe production of electricity is the fundamental requirement to ensure the safety of employees in power enterprises. Because the task environment of power enterprises has the characteristics of high temperature, many high-voltage electrical equipment and more special courses, the rest environment and task premise of employees in power enterprises are relatively poor, and there are many hidden dangers of safety accidents in the production of enterprises. Therefore, strengthening the production management of Enron is also the basic requirement to ensure the participation of enterprise employees in Enron

(4) Enron production management is the primary guarantee to ensure the normal operation of the national economy. As the primary and fundamental pillar property of our country, the power industry has a primary impact on the normal operation of the national economy. Industry, agriculture, transportation and national defense all need the support of electric power to ensure the safe production of electric power enterprises, improve the quality of power supply, and prevent electric power fragmentary problems, which is also the primary guarantee for the completion of national economic growth

2. Follow the provisions of the electric power adjustment operation criterion

electric operation system. Before operation, the inspection sheet to change the operation status should be "five checks": check the content; Check the time; Check the unit; Check the scope of power failure; Check the maintenance operation mode (such as wiring, shelter, trend spreading, etc.). Although the inspection sheet has been jointly reviewed and approved by the relevant staff of each department, in order to ensure the accuracy of the operation, the dispatcher should check the last pass before the operation; In the process of operation, another coordinator must be the guardian. When the order is inaccurate or chaotic, the guardian should put forward correction in time. Task staff should strictly follow the relevant rules and regulations of power operation and operate seriously to ensure the safe and accurate operation of power and power adjustment

3. Improve the skills and operational skills of power regulation staff

the lack of professional practical technical knowledge, practical experience and other aspects of the premise of power regulation and operation staff makes them unable to strictly perform and monitor during the period when they reach the order, which eventually leads to the error of the power regulation order. In the actual operation of electricity, the task staff's ignorance of the on-site environment and their poor understanding of the relevant safety also form a hidden danger of safety in the power regulation task to a certain extent. Therefore, through all kinds of education and training, it is in great demand to continuously strengthen the understanding of the safety responsibility of the power regulation and operation staff and improve the skills of the regulation and operation staff. It is also necessary to strengthen the understanding of the on-site power lines of the task staff and increase the essence of the professional morality of the operating staff. With the continuous use of old technology and new equipment, the modernization of electricity is getting higher and higher, which also puts forward higher requirements for the business essence of the dispensing staff. The experimental speed is continuously adjustable, and the sample breaks and stops automatically. Therefore, the adjustment staff should constantly learn old skills and new knowledge, improve business skills, and be competent for their own tasks

4. Processing methods

1. Ensure the charging of information quantity of data supply. Since the existence of high-speed rail, the data of electric operation includes digital simulation data and measured data collected by various assemblies in fragments, but the amount of information obtained by engineering technicians through these data is only a part of the amount of information contained in all data, and there is another buried information behind these data, This information has the most important reference value for the electric dispatcher. Therefore, obtaining sufficient information is very important for the task of power security adjustment. The task staff are constantly careful and seriously perfect the access to all kinds of information in the task

2 do a good job in the control task of risk performance

2.1 when the Tasker stops the task assignment, the system will automatically warn about the critical content and unfair methods in this process, that is, stipulate that the Tasker should recognize the existing performance, clarify the risk identity, and restrict the performance before it occurs

2.2 when carrying out activities such as ticket adjustment and review, check the ticket preparation staff who are prompted piecemeal to stop the prompt of the request form, and stop the check of the actual on-site operation system maintenance staff who comply with the requirements. When it comes to the relevant prompt given by the first and second joint operation and the opening and closing ring operation actively, at this time, the activists should seriously follow the regulations of taking photos to carry out activities, and illegal actions are strictly prohibited, Ensure that the content of each step is fair

2.3 when expanding the advance invoice, it is assumed that the operating mechanism will carry out all the advance activities. At this time, it will appear that the operation instruction ticket has not been issued in advance! Dharma interruption! Click the word "go", this content shows that when the 6th high performance plastics and 4th high performance film exhibition opened at Youming International Exhibition Center in Tokyo, Japan, it really controlled the content of the law, and the message is that the ticket cannot be unblocked to the subsequent pace. When carrying out the adjustment activities, only after all the inspection requests are reported can we ensure that both the activists and the monitors can enter the system

2.4 when any instruction starts to run or is completed, assuming that there are a few items and other achievements, fragmentary will actively prompt. At this time, you can check the detailed content through the pre process, so that you can carry out reasonable correction activities for the omitted achievements

3 integrated integration of data platform and dispensing system

in recent years, international dispensing centers and enterprises have slowly established relevant professional utilization system in the process of dispensing active growth and production operation, including EMS energy management system, TMR electric energy measurement system, DMIS dispensing information system, etc. However, with the development of various pieces of utilization, because there is no requirement to standardize the data transmitted by pieces, it is difficult to exchange data between pieces, resulting in the waste of various pieces of software and hardware capital, so it is urgent to establish a data platform to stop processing data

in the environment of gradually mature and widespread use of dispensing system, how to integrate the external platform part of the data platform with dispensing system is a hot target of future research on dispensing system informatization. The fairness and feasibility of its technology have been proved. The scheme is based on the following considerations:

(1) the two fragmented user groups are fundamentally different

(2) in a narrow sense, reallocation is the largest user of the data platform

(3) there are many reusable basic data between the two parts, such as plant and station information and operation data of electrical equipment

(4) prevent data redundancy, reduce hardware capital and collect traffic

(5) in the long run, the two fragmentary needs are further integrated in functions, such as the data reporting function provided by the coordination fragmentary for the data platform, and the data processing function provided by the data platform for the coordination fragmentary

summary: the modernization of the task of power regulation is getting higher and higher, which greatly promotes the safe and stable operation of electricity. The quarrel over the safe handling of power dispatching tasks will directly affect the safe operation of power. Therefore, in the power dispatching tasks, we should strengthen the safe handling tasks in the dispatching tasks, standardize the professional operation ability of the staff of the dispatching tasks, improve their understanding of safety, and eradicate all the wrong adjustment of remuneration, the wrong operation and disorder, and the environment of private shutdown of equipment. Once these achievements are presented, we need to deal with them seriously, In addition, we should strengthen the deep understanding of task staff, strengthen the primacy of adjustment management, strengthen the regularity of power adjustment, ensure the safe operation of electricity, and protect social and public interests

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