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Packaging industry partner - Powerlink real-time Ethernet solution

in order to better protect, store and sell high-quality food and consumables, the packaging industry needs to continuously introduce new technologies. It is for this reason that the packaging industry has been at the forefront of science and technology with its modern machine and system concepts, which also means that the corresponding automation architecture and automation components must have the best performance. Usually, the latest control concept comes from the packaging industry, and then indirectly affects other fields. Because there is a pull rod on the outside of the support seat, it is not surprising that many well-known packaging manufacturers rushed to contact Ethernet Powerlink at the first time. Ethernet Powerlink, the lithium battery industry, is in a period of demand explosion. A widely recognized real-time Ethernet solution can best meet the strict control requirements of the packaging industry

ethernet Powerlink in specific applications in the end what is commendable? Let's take Lemo company, a well-known film forming machine manufacturer, as an example. Lemo belongs to jagengerg Ag group, which specializes in the development and manufacture of bag making machines of various sizes. All the latest trend technologies in the field of film technology are integrated into the machine

lemo's latest innovation is the dkt/ct packaging system, in which 19 positioning shafts are used for plastic molding and complete various modes of transportation. All shafts are connected through Ethernet Powerlink, and are coupled through electronic cam profiling and electronic gear functions. The cycle time is 800 US, and the accuracy is higher than 1US. All drivers must operate stably at different clock frequencies, which is important to the synchronization of all servo motors Angular accuracy and speed accuracy have extremely strict requirements

Mr. Dieter baudach, assistant manager in charge of Lemo product development and electrical design, explained their reasons for choosing Ethernet Powerlink:

"the extremely short time lag and extremely high data transmission rate of Ethernet Powerlink are very important to us. They ensure the output of the highest quality thin film products and realize the fastest data exchange in the whole system."

the most important thing is that the shaft can be synchronized in real time. In this regard, Mr. Dieter baudach said: "even when the machine is running, it can be configured. In other words, when one drive is running, the operator can reconfigure it by referring to the situation of another related drive (in this process, the electronic gear function is used)." The speed of all servo motors can be controlled synchronously, so the production speed can be adjusted. Mr. baudach said: "when producing plastic film, it is very important that all equipment used to transmit raw materials must operate synchronously and cannot be interrupted. This is also the only effective way for the film to avoid any defects and excessive stretching." The Lemo dkt/ct model has been successfully operated in the global market since its launch

packsys is a multinational group specializing in the production of special machines for the packaging industry. As part of packsys group, KMK company of Switzerland is dedicated to the development and production of plastic hoses and laminated hoses. One of their specialties is that the compression and forming of polymers (PE and other materials) at the head of hoses are completed synchronously with the tail sealing process of hoses, The production efficiency is improved while greatly reducing the rotation of the lower spindle and driving the upper spindle to rotate through the friction between the samples

kmk's hose forming machine produces 120 hoses per minute

Ethernet Powerlink is also used on KMK's latest HPM hose forming machine. "The dynamic performance requirements of the system no longer need to be realized by fieldbus", said Julius laubli, KMK's electrical project manager, who refreshes data according to actual needs

under Ethernet Powerlink, up to 15 drives and 4 distributed i/o stations can be synchronized

"the cycle time of data exchange reaches 800us, which means our safety is guaranteed. The use of it world standard products with low wiring requirements ensures modular scalability, reduces the workload of maintenance and service, and minimizes the wiring on the machine."

the machine connection in the factory network is also included in the discussion. Ethernet Powerlink is based on Internet standards and can communicate freely at any level of the factory. Once HPM is widely used worldwide, it needs to be supported by efficient maintenance and service concepts. Using Ethernet protocol, we can achieve trouble free electronic maintenance up to the drive and i/o layers through the Internet and modem, no matter where we are in the world No matter what interface is used, the project can monitor and program the automation components, just like on the side of a faulty machine

Tetra Pak has been an expert in the fluid food and beverage packaging industry since 1952. Tetra Pak has defined a new concept for the company "not only packaging", and they are also developing towards this scheme. The company continues to invest in the development of efficient processing machines and more modern design schemes, and even provides a complete filling system for hundreds of packaging (from cartons to plastic bottles)

Tetra Pak will use Ethernet Powerlink in the follow-up development of existing packaging machinery. In the medium-term stage of selecting machine platforms with strategic importance, Tetra Pak found b&r and Ethernet Powerlink. The good performance of B & R system made Tetra Pak quickly pay attention to B & R and its technology. With the cooperation of B & R engineers, Ethernet Powerlink experienced strict testing of 50 axes and 2000 i/o points. Finally, Powerlink not only fully meets the current technical needs, but also leaves enough space for future upgrades

Tetra Pak's innovative technology accelerates the development of the fluid food and beverage packaging industry


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