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Hunan paper packaging and printing technology R & D platform was born

[ppzhan Abstract] science and technology is a productive force. No matter what industry it is, technological innovation is a crucial component. In order to better promote the development of the printing industry, enterprises have increased their technological research and development efforts. Changde Jinpeng Printing Co., Ltd. was promoted to Hunan 4. Printing and packaging engineering technology research center of metal wire/sheet tensile testing province

recently, Hunan Provincial Department of science and technology officially awarded Changde Jinpeng Printing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hunan China Tobacco Investment Management Co., Ltd., as the first Technology Research Center for Hunan printing and packaging workers ① to create a large water drop process. So far, a paper packaging printing technology research and development platform based on the whole province and facing the whole country in the printing industry of Hunan Province has officially settled in the company

as a diversified enterprise of Dr. Chen 1 from the packaging fixture Research Institute of Hunan University of technology, which is supporting Hunan Zhongyan, the company aims at the frontier field of domestic paper packaging and printing, focuses on the four directions of functional packaging materials, packaging design and box structure development, green packaging and safety technology, and high-tech transformation of traditional industries, improves the enterprise technology innovation system, and accelerates the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, Further explore new ways to combine science and technology with economy. It has applied for 77 (PCT) projects, 20 national inventions, and obtained 50 authorizations. 80% of the achievements have been introduced into product R & D and actual production, creating an indirect economic benefit of 860million yuan

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