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Laminated rubber isolation bearings can isolate about 80% of the earthquake energy

recently, Institute 41 of the Fourth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation disclosed that the Institute has developed a "laminated rubber isolation bearing" using rubber, which can isolate about 80% of the earthquake energy

it is understood that the traditional anti-seismic technology is to firmly connect the upper structure and the lower foundation of the building, Seismic energy "The cooperation with BASF is very beneficial for HP. It is transmitted to the superstructure through the foundation, which is easy to cause vibration and deformation of the structure. For example, rubber and plastic, metal processing, paint and ink, personal care, packaging, medicine, food and beverage, automobile and renewable energy, etc.

when the stress exceeds the structural strength, the building will collapse or even collapse.

the data collection and processing of Air China is used as a sub module by the sensor The calibration block invokes the new isolation technology of Tian science and technology group, which is to set an isolation layer between the superstructure and the foundation of the building without changing the original architectural design scheme, that is, to place rubber isolation bearings

the vertical bearing capacity of the isolation layer is large, but the horizontal is soft. When an earthquake occurs, about 80% of the energy of the earthquake can be isolated, so as to reduce the damage of the earthquake to the building

"after more than two years of research, we have successfully developed laminated rubber isolation bearings by using the flexible swing technology and process of solid rocket motor nozzle." Researchers from institute 41 of the Fourth Academy of Astronautics said

China is still in the deep development stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization.

at present, the product has passed the inspection of Huazhong University of science and technology, and the technology has reached the domestic advanced level

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