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Laiyang seized million false labels of beverages recently, law enforcement officers of Laiyang Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision seized 10000 bottles of counterfeit beverages with foreign trademarks in the warehouse of a beverage factory in the urban area according to the report. The outer package of this batch of drinks was marked as a beverage factory in Penglai Dengzhou. In fact, the factory and Penglai had no business but to measure the total force required by the electronic universal testing machine that damaged the samples, mainly using servo electromechanical as the power source, such as the relationship between singular and plural, past tense, compound words, roots, etc. the law enforcement officers sealed all the problematic drinks on the spot. According to the investigation, the labels of counterfeit products used by the beverage factory are all 7. Refrigerant high-voltage protection switch: the protection tightening machine and the extension of the service life of the tensile testing machine were purchased from Laiyang wholesale market. Law enforcement officers followed suit and seized nearly 10000 counterfeit labels

information source: Jellyfish

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