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Lamilux releases new carbon fiber composite products

due to the carbon fiber composite developed by lamilux for the transportation industry, frost Sullivan, an international market research and consulting company headquartered in London, awarded lamilux the 2012 European frost Sullivan new product innovation award to reward its new carbon fiber reinforced plastic products (CFRP). The composite materials used in sandwich composite plate structure can be manufactured by highly automated and faster production process. The width can reach 3.2 meters, which exceeds the traditional materials in strength and hardness. "A new type of composite material with reasonable price and shorter supply time can meet the requirements of vehicle parts in terms of impact resistance and strength, and can greatly reduce the worries of the automotive and transportation composite industry about the future. Despite the strict environmental laws and ultra-high fuel costs, it can still become a symbol of hope", Frost Sullivan industry analyst Dr Leonidas dokos said at the official award ceremony of IAA at the 2012 international business automobile exhibition in Hanover

due to this new product just launched, lamilux has not only proved its innovation ability, but also proved its many years of experience and expertise in the fiber reinforced plastic market, especially in the composite materials used in commercial vehicles and recreational vehicles (RV). Doc dokos emphasized this. The width of the plate is enough for the composite material to be used in the manufacture of sandwich composite plates. The CFRP plates produced by lamilux exceed the traditional materials in strength and hardness, which can reduce vehicle weight, improve fuel efficiency, reduce operating costs, increase the maximum payload, and thus increase indirect operating income

excellent features

lamilux uses a new production process, which can improve productivity without damaging the quality of finished products. Lamilux has four production lines to meet the growing demand. Dr. dokos: "such high productivity can generate economies of scale and help reduce production costs."

The CFRP sheet produced by lamilux has superior performance. For example, the panel used as the side wall and top plate of the car body has strong advantages over other materials. For example, CFRP panels are 30% to 50% lighter than steel or aluminum, while their tensile strength is three to four times that of the latter. "Through the test of the prototype vehicle developed by lamilux in cooperation with customers, it was found that CFRP plates can reduce the overall weight of the truck by about 2000 kg, thus reducing the fuel consumption by 20%", Dr. dokos said

extremely stable and light material for indoor and outdoor applications

this CFRP material forms the surface layer of sandwich composite plate used for the manufacture of side wall and top structure of carriage. In the production process, the CFRP plate surface is compounded with a layer of sealing - intelligent equipment such as robots and automatic production lines are widely used in production, which is similar to varnish coating. The gel coat layer enables the composite plate to have excellent UV resistance and weather resistance, and form a highly bright surface. Lamilux's new carbon fiber reinforced composites can meet customers' needs for all color systems in ral and NCS color cards and customers' custom colors. Now, this directly usable terminal product with smooth and smooth surface has extremely stable and lightweight characteristics, and is suitable for internal and external applications

demonstrate great enthusiasm for new product innovation Dr. Leonidas dokos: "in general, the features and functions of the reasonably priced CFRP plates produced by lamilux through large-scale and rapid process clearly demonstrate the company's enthusiasm for new product innovation. Therefore, frost Sulliva has greater clamping power. N we are pleased to award lamilux the new product Innovation Award in the field of European carbon fiber composites in the transportation industry." Each year frost Sullivan awards the award to companies that use leading technology for product innovation. This award recognizes the value-added features/benefits of the product and its higher return on investment in 2012, which correspondingly increases the number of customers' purchases and the overall market penetration potential

about lamilux composites gmbh

lamilux composites GmbH has been producing fiber reinforced plastics with lamilux as the brand for more than 60 years. This medium-sized company has become a leading manufacturer in Europe with its advanced manufacturing technology, large-scale manufacturing capacity and rich product range. Lamilux provides materials for the worldwide manufacturing of commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles and caravans, as well as the manufacturing of buildings, refrigerators and freezers and other industrial fields. In 2011, lamilux and its 550 employees achieved a turnover of 143million euros. The family business is located in REHAU, Bavaria

the goal of frost sull is to remove the polished damage layer Ivan Best Practice Award

frost Sullivan best practice award is awarded to various regional or global companies to reward their outstanding achievements and superior performance in leadership, technological innovation, customer service and strategic product development. Industry analysts will compare companies in the market, measure their performance through in-depth interviews, analysis and extensive secondary research, and select best practices in the industry

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