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Laminated fire-proof glass and alarm glass

fire-proof glass is a new type of functional building material with an annual output of 18000 tons, which has good light transmission performance and fire-retardant performance. There are many varieties of fire-proof glass. The main varieties are as follows:

(1) laminated composite fire-proof glass is a common and best-selling transparent laminated composite fire-proof glass in the domestic and foreign markets. The utility model is composed of two or more layers of flat glass sandwiched with transparent fireproof adhesive. The strength of its fireproof performance mainly depends on the performance of fireproof adhesive

in case of fire, the adhesive will rapidly foam and expand to form an insulating fire-resistant and heat-insulating foam layer, and can absorb a large amount of heat. In case of fire and breakage, the broken glass sheet can be bonded to maintain the integrity of the fire-proof glass without hurting people

(2) wired fireproof glass is a composite glass made by adding metal wires and shapes into the interlayer of organic film or inorganic adhesive between two layers of glass. The addition of wire or can not only improve the overall impact strength of the fire-proof glass, but also connect with the electric heating and safety alarm system, playing a role of multiple functions

(3) the content of special formula shall be increased or decreased appropriately according to the heat resistance requirements and surface gloss requirements of the finished product. Fire resistant glass refers to the glass with special composition as the glass substrate, rather than the glass with ordinary flat glass composition. It mainly includes borosilicate fireproof glass, aluminosilicate fireproof glass, microcrystalline fireproof glass, etc. The common main feature of the glass is that the softening point of the glass is higher than 900 ℃ due to different compositions; The coefficient of thermal expansion is low. Generally, it will not crack or deform due to high temperature under strong flame. In particular, microcrystalline fire-proof glass, in addition to the above characteristics, also has high mechanical strength, high flexural and compressive strength, and good chemical stability and physical and mechanical properties

(4) hollow fire-proof glass is a new product of today's fire-proof glass. It is a new type of glass with the functions of sound insulation, noise reduction, heat insulation and fire prevention. On the basis of making hollow glass, it only needs to coat a layer of metal salt on the glass substrate on the side that may contact with fire or flame, dry it under a certain temperature and humidity, and then process it into hollow fire-proof glass for hollow glass doors, windows, partitions, partitions, fire lanes, etc. with different shapes

(5) single piece fireproof glass is a single-layer transparent special glass with fire integrity within a certain fire resistance time limit and can effectively block the spread of flame and smoke

anti riot and anti-theft glass refers to transparent glass with high strength, which can not be damaged by simple tools, and can effectively prevent theft or damage. It is usually glass made of multi-layer high-strength organic transparent materials and cemented layer materials. In order to give early warning performance, metal wires can also be sandwiched in the cemented layer, and unconventional oil and gas resource development lines such as visible light, infrared shale gas, shale oil, coalbed methane, tight gas, temperature, pressure and other sensors and alarm devices are embedded. Once a thief commits a crime and touches the alarm device in the glass, or even triggers the wound causing weapon or dizzy gas device connected in series with it, an alarm and corresponding measures will appear. This is a 21 foot mechanical arm to catch the thief in time and protect the property from theft. Anti theft glass is mainly used in bank vaults, weapon warehouses, cultural relics warehouses, Exhibition cabinets, precious commodity counters, etc

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