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Landsat yeastar: make full use of today's era of hybrid cloud communication. The CTI Forum (November 7) (compiled by Lao Qin): is the era of hybrid cloud finally coming

worldwide, the demand for flexible cloud based solutions is growing. Enterprises of all sizes can no longer use a uniform technology stack to communicate. In an era of growing and changing markets, cloud provides the growth and scalability that enterprises need. Synergy research said that the ucaas user rate increased by 26% on average

ucaas (unified communication as a service that provides communication through the cloud) is a market worth $50billion, but currently only about 20% of the systems are in the cloud. This is because although enterprises can see the advantages of the cloud and the scalability it brings, they are not necessarily willing to abandon all their previous investments in on premises technology and move towards the era of pure cloud functions

the era of hybrid cloud communication may be the only way for enterprises to make full use of the changing market. It combines the guarantee and dependence of traditional tools with the potential of the future

create opportunities between local and cloud

today, it is about 20 years since UC was first created as a phrase. However, we began to enjoy the benefits of real unified communication by analyzing the use of various operation keys on the electronic universal testing machine. When UC was introduced into the market for the first time, it was an integration of technologies to help enterprises not only call each other when exchanging information. When e-mail appeared in the market with large purchase volume of some customers in the city, it made UC get rid of the dilemma. However, now we are once again in a more demanding environment for users, teams and customers

in the new era of unified communication, when building a perfect communication environment, the team needs to consider more than just sound. Companies still want to provide reliable and clear voice in their communication stack, but they also need video, instant messaging, etc., and they all want to do it in real time. Most importantly, users want to ensure that they can access all the same tools from any location, on any device, using ubiquitous applications

the omni channel life of modern consumers and employees means that today's employers are forced to consider adopting better technology so that they can really provide what employees need, not just what is required by previous standards

however, even with all these needs for conversion, some companies have invested heavily in old and traditional systems. Coupled with continued concerns about the cloud, it means that companies are moving to the cloud more slowly than before. We live in an era between local and cloud. People want to have the best of both worlds

what are the opportunities for hybrid clouds

in the current communication environment, the era of hybrid cloud can not be ignored by anyone. End user organizations, service providers and resellers have unique opportunities to take advantage of the transition between ucaas' flexibility and local PBX solutions

experts predict that by 2020, about half of all corporate decisions we make will eventually appear in the cloud. Although the industry has been rapidly adopted, organizations can still take advantage of the following opportunities to take full advantage of the stepping stone to the cloud:

introduce complete cloud solutions for remote workers and new business users, For example, the solution provided by the yeastar cloud PBX

provides the yeastar s series VoIP Pb for small offices with limited connectivity, including medical and electronic as wire coating. X

yeastar cloud PBX platform starts a free trial for VoIP dealers, and will conduct system testing.

yeastar cloud PBX's free products give the company the opportunity to have a free trial in the cloud for 30 days. This supports a free cloud PBX system with up to 20 users, as well as four concurrent calls, and does not require any hard wiring. You can also use the linkus unified communications application to create a more flexible workforce for your PC or mobile device. From there, you can transfer calls to the device of your choice and use all the features you need most, including presence, instant messaging and unified messaging

the system based on the yeastar cloud has a variety of eye-catching functions for enterprise level business communication, including:

call forwarding, monitoring, resident, Licensing and proxy connection


blacklist and whitelist

unique ringtones and music retention

one touch recording

call detail recording

multilingual Web GUI

restore and backup

import/export extension

multi-level user access

release the benefits of the hybrid era

for the modern communication field, the hybrid era represents an incredible period of opportunity. It's not just about immersing your toes in the latest technologies available in the ucaas environment, it's also about finding a way to migrate to the cloud at your own pace

small business systems are available from many different providers. However, before any company decides to invest in a new platform, it is important to take time to carefully consider its choice. The method is to try some new products together with the suppliers who provide options for free

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