The hottest lamp enterprises have serious overcapa

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Lamps and lanterns enterprises have serious overcapacity problem

lamps and lanterns industry has always been regarded as a high profit industry, which is often used by more and more enterprises to choose cross-border development. For a time, the lamps and lanterns market is full of "people". In addition, due to the blind production of enterprises, the slowdown of industry development, the loss of effect of rigid demand and other reasons, the phenomenon of excess capacity and less oil bubble is prominent

lamp enterprises have the problem of overcapacity

now, some policies on lamp promotion are also quite controversial and become more and more intense. In particular, group purchase promotion is very popular. There will be group purchase activities on festivals, anniversaries and even on days when the eight poles can not be reached. Although these group buying activities have benefited consumers to some extent, they also show the weakness of lamp sales. The lamp industry has always attached importance to scale and sales, but neglected the core technology of products and the sold out rate of lamps, which makes most lamp enterprises have the problems of high production capacity and large inventory

the new business model has become the mainstream of lamp sales.

at the beginning of the lamp industry, affected by the shopping malls, how much capacity the lamp enterprises can have is the key to their success. The higher the capacity, the higher the market share. After years of development, especially the rise of e-commerce, the lamp market has changed consumers' shopping habits for a long time. The new business model has become the mainstream of lamp sales. However, due to the low threshold of lamps, many small and medium-sized business owners are not aware of the changes in the industry and do not take the initiative to change the industry and business model

small and medium-sized enterprises can not understand the final development direction of the industry, but large enterprises have been involved in the lamp industry for many years, and have already sensitively felt a new round of lamp industry revolution. However, it is difficult to turn around when the ship is big. After the enterprise becomes big, many models have been finalized. In order to maintain the stability and profitability of the enterprise, it is difficult for the business owners to show the courage of heroes to take the initiative to seek reform, resulting in a disgusting cycle. Form a momentum of never falling

slight overcapacity may enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. However, if the excess gap between production capacity (6) and ultrasonic inspection method for steel forgings gb/t 6402 (1) 991 is too large, the enterprise will be brought down step by step

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