The hottest ZTE high-end router helps Jilin Mobile

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ZTE high-end router effectively helps Jilin Mobile 5g network construction

recently, Jilin Mobile successfully completed and enabled 5g core. ZTE high-end router zxr10 MS product, as the entrance of 5g core UPF CE, is internally responsible for interconnecting with UPF core layer switching equipment, forwarding and maintaining the routing information outside UPF, and externally completing high-speed interaction with external equipment. Chang'an 1 inkjet head adds a layer of silicone at room temperature, It bears the important function of 5g core internal and external interconnection link

in this month, Jilin Mobile and ZTE worked together to overcome the difficulties caused by the epidemic, made full use of all resources, and completed the arrival of all router equipment in mid April to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. Subsequently, the two sides worked closely to complete the opening and commissioning of the equipment in early June, greatly shortening the project cycle and completing the task ahead of schedule

ZTE's high-end router zxr10 MS is based on the independent intellectual property rights rosng routing operating system. It provides sr/evpn/srv6/bier and other features, and supports the evolution of IP network architecture towards simplicity and intelligence. Using self-developed NP to achieve single slot 800g performance, it has reached the first-class level in forwarding performance, green energy saving, SDN, etc. In the largest centralized procurement project of router products in the history of China Mobile in 2019, ZTE zxr10 m6000-s Series Router products won the first 50% share in high-end router 2T (bid section II) and high-end router 400g (bid section III), friction and wear experimental machine operation method share and the second 30% share respectively

pilot corn high-yield project 2020 is a key year for 5g construction. As the first of the seven new infrastructure projects, 5g network deployment will be further accelerated with the sounding of the new infrastructure horn. ZTE will, as always, fully support the 5g construction of operators and help operators build a successful business in the 5g era

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