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ZTE goldendb distributed database won the pilot project of Bank of Communications Credit Card Center recently, ZTE goldendb distributed database successfully won the pilot project of Bank of Communications Credit Card Center, which is another major breakthrough of goldendb in the key businesses of major banks across the country, and will further improve the layout of ZTE in the financial industry

in recent years, the development of mobile Internet and intelligent terminal technology has greatly promoted the popularity of mobile payment. Compared with traditional payment methods, mobile payment has the characteristics of daily access and high concurrency of requests. This puts forward higher requirements for the traditional IT architecture of the bank: the highly reliable architecture ensures the rapid response of high-frequency transactions through business continuity and high performance. Under such requirements, the traditional centralized architecture has bottlenecks, and the distributed architecture has become a clear evolution goal. In the "fintech development plan (year)", the people's Bank of China proposed that distributed database is the core technology of fintech in actual production, and strengthening the R & D and application of distributed database is the key task of fintech development plan

as one of the six largest banks in China, Bank of communications currently has 71.8 million credit cards on record. In order to further promote the transformation of the distributed architecture, the Bank of Communications Credit Card Center selected three typical business scenarios, such as electronic bill management, as a pilot, and is committed to achieving global transaction management, backup and recovery, data migration, cluster management, log monitoring, metadata management, operation and maintenance, local dual activity functions and services, fully automated configuration, operation, monitoring, fault location, fault analysis and other management based on the x86 open architecture, Build a safe and controllable database platform suitable for card center business. The flexible distributed architecture can not only better cope with the instantaneous high demand of interconnected businesses based on information, but also better support the rapid launch of innovative businesses. The pilot research, development and verification of distributed database will play an exemplary role and eventually be promoted and replicated throughout the bank and business

as a financial transaction type distributed database, goldendb, based on 18 years of research and development accumulation of ZTE, has strong consistency in global affairs, a highly reliable architecture of three centers in two places, an AI based intelligent operation and maintenance management system and other key capabilities; At the same time, as the first domestic database put into operation in the core business system of large banks in China, goldendb has recently helped UnionPay data successfully launch the new generation of credit card core, and achieved the excellent performance of the leading industry with the measured TPS of more than 100000 under the scale of 150million credit card users of UnionPay data. In this bid winning Bank of Communications credit card pilot project, goldendb will give full play to the advantages of distributed database and combine the above key capabilities to help industry transformation and promote the practice of financial technology innovation

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