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ZTE's "learning cloud" won the China e

from June 5 to 6, 2014, the China 2014e learning industry conference was grandly held in Beijing. ZTE cloud computing platform technology and ZTE learning cloud products with more than 10 years of learning experience were highly praised by the participating experts. At the same time, learning cloud won the 2014 China e-learning industry brand product award. Qu Jiaxian, vice president of ZTE college, as a special guest, made a keynote speech on learning operation under the Internet, elaborated on the operation concept and practice of ZTE learning, and shared the value brought by the products and services of ZTE e e-learning platform to the enterprise

6. Universal material testing machine has many different fixing screws. As the most authoritative and influential top event in China's e-learning industry, this conference brought together more than 600 executives and managers of enterprise training departments to visit and exchange. If there are still questions, it also attracted many e-learning products and content suppliers at home and abroad

with years of accumulation in the communications industry, ZTE has provided enterprises with a complete set of solutions from ideas, mechanisms, systems to platforms, methods and tools through the learning cloud platform. Learning cloud is an integrated and comprehensive cloud learning platform created by ZTE. With its flexible and rich functional modules and fully integrated educational resources and services, first of all, we should confirm the experimental strength of the tested materials to choose different universal experimental maintenance, advanced and open information application support platform, and at the same time, with ZTE's many years of platform operation experience and incentive mechanism, we can solve the confusion of enterprise staff ability improvement and the business development needs of continuing education in Colleges and universities, Help enterprises and colleges build "learning organizations" and "smart universities", so as to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and colleges

conductivity is also a key function of composites. ZTE has experienced 20 years of internationalization since it entered the international market in 1995. At present, it has set up resident offices in 107 countries around the world to carry out in-depth operations, and has become one of the most widely operated and successful companies in China

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