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ZTE IOT business annual revenue 5billion RFID sales increased by 300%

news on June 29, 1. Event overview at the 2010 China IOT conference held a few days ago, ye Yun, chief engineer of ZTE's solution marketing department, revealed that ZTE has invested 2000 people in IOT research and development, involving 10 subsidiaries, and the related revenue brought by IOT every year is 4 to 5 billion yuan

it brings revenue of 4 to 5 billion yuan every year.

Ye Yun revealed that ZTE's revenue on IOT comes from the following aspects. First of all, M2M modules form a relatively large shipment. Modules are the basic components of IOT industrial chain in the perception layer. There are tens of millions of films this year

on the other hand, network video surveillance has developed in scale. In this regard, ZTE has its own channels and cooperates with operators, with more than 1billion yuan per year

third, ZTE has made strategic investment in RFID research and development in Tianjin RFID research and development base. RFID sales increased by 300%

at the same time, ZTE has a long-term accumulation in the field of power environment monitoring and environmental protection. With the power environment of the base station in the computer room, some manufacturers will monitor the power environment in the current market. With the localization rate increased to 85%, ZTE has formed an environmental protection IOT solution, which has also become a part of its revenue

industry applications develop faster

in terms of IOT business channels, ZTE has its own industry government channels and also carries out strategic cooperation with operators. Domestic operators are partners of ZTE. ZTE's module products and middleware platform products are highly competitive in the world and have many cooperation with European and American high-end operators. Ye Yun said that the development speed of industrial government channels will be faster in the future

in ZTE's view, IOT is a pyramid structure, with a business support platform at the top, modular products at the bottom, and developing industrial applications at the bottom, which also accounts for the largest market share

scale development requires horizontal integration and vertical deepening.

Ye Yun said that at present, China's IOT applications are not rich enough. To achieve scale development, horizontal integration and vertical deepening are needed to establish a broad operation support environment. Common points among various applications are stripped out to form a platform for business middleware. At the same time, basic network optimization is also the focus

perceive China and the smart earth

Ye Yun said that under the current situation, the main domestic projects such as the east transmission project of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology and the North South transmission project have adopted high-strength superconducting cables, which should emphasize the perception of China and meet the needs of China at this stage. Only by perception can the next step be handled and intelligentized. While Europe and the United States emphasize the wisdom of the earth, the key point is wisdom. Go deep into the data mining process

there are also differences in the industry at home and abroad. With China's wireless sensor network and RFID, intelligent transportation and logistics are the main development directions. For Europe and the United States, it is more intelligent meter reading and other businesses

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