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ZTE launched the "Tieqi plan" talent strategy to increase investment

recently, ZTE terminal (mainly business) released a medium and long-term support plan called ZTE Tieqi talent in China, taking into account the various factors on the pulp price. This plan covers all channels of operators, retail, e-commerce, and cities, focusing on resources and vigorously recruiting middle and senior talents with rich experience in terminal operation, management, and overall planning, Hundreds of channel based measurement methods: basic talents will also be fully covered. ZTE will provide them with open employment opportunities and generous salary treatment. At present, recruitment information has been released through open channels such as Zhilian recruitment, 51job, Liepin, etc

strategic support, channel B2C transformation

after 2015, pay attention to the contact parts. In the year of brutal market competition, 2016 is bound to become a watershed in the global market. After nearly two years of transformation exploration, ZTE business has more clearly defined the three investment directions of ZTE in channel, brand and talent introduction in 2016

this terminal channel talent plan involves the needs of medium and high-end talents from operators, retail and channels, and supports the coordinated development strategy of opening market channels, operator channels and e-commerce channels proposed by ZTE terminal at the end of 2015; At the same time, sales talents at the prefecture and municipal levels are also included in this round of plans, accounting for a considerable proportion, indicating ZTE's determination to further cultivate the offline market. Different from the B2B era, when operators emphasize resource capabilities, in the B2C era or B2B2C mode, due to the more diversified purchase channels of consumers, the richness and dense distribution of channels have become key industry pioneers, and they have achieved rapid growth and significant achievements in this regard

insiders said that in the next 1-2 years, intelligent distribution channels will continue to compete online and offline. Recent observations show that offline terminal sales still account for the main share. In the next 5-10 years, offline channels will also be an important distribution path for products, and the importance of Omni channel operations, especially offline operations, will be highlighted

quickly liberalize the policy and rebuild the top team

from the naming point of view, this round of plan shows ZTE's strong momentum and determination to fight the market and eliminate all obstacles. Since ZTE proposed a new corporate culture CGO at the end of 2014, the open corporate culture has also been fully reflected in the talent policy. The terminal channel ZTE Tieqi plan based on the new architecture system, relying on ZTE's advantageous technology endorsement and strong brand resources, and relying on the broad imagination space of the B2C market, has huge development space for both ZTE itself and talent recruitment

under the background of the return of domestic channels to the Third Battalion, ZTE Tieqi terminal channel talent plan will further strengthen the support of the group's background resources, and the demand for core key talents will reach 10%. It can be said that ZTE terminal will rebuild a sales and operation team with strong combat effectiveness and three-way development, and strongly promote the deepening of brand image channels, the establishment and strengthening of customer relations, and the performance transformation of product strength

in the current era of fierce competition and rapid transformation, mature talents have become the key to promoting ZTE's reform. ZTE Tieqi plan will make sufficient talent reserves for ZTE's terminal channel team. According to Zeng Xuezhong, CEO of ZTE terminals, ZTE's total terminal shipments in 2015 exceeded 100million, with overseas revenue accounting for more than 70% and growing steadily year by year. Recently, ZTE Group executives also said that ZTE's terminal business will account for more than half of its total revenue in 2020, so the turnover of China's domestic market will become a top priority, and 2016 will be a decisive year

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