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ZTE and GSMA jointly held an LTE forum in Spain to jointly build an interconnected world

at the world mobile communication conference held in Barcelona, Spain, GSMA, the organizer of the ZTE joint conference, held an LTE international forum with the theme of expanding the LTE boundaries, which attracted more than 200 high-level representatives from almost all well-known telecom operators, terminal chip industry and communication industry in the world to attend this meeting, Exchange LTE network development trends and the latest business applications, and discuss how to build a new interconnected world of all things

Zhao Xianming, CTO of ZTE group, said in his speech: the world is now entering the m-ict era of Internet of things. While the global telecom operation revenue is growing steadily, the source and proportion of revenue will continue to change. In the next few years, the consumption of mobile traffic will gradually exceed voice and SMS, and become the main source of revenue for operators. At the same time, as operators go deep into families, government and enterprise customers and provide more innovative ICT services, the proportion of home, government 1, tape retention experimental machine imports close to the switch business in the operator's income will gradually increase. In addition, cross-border applications such as IOT and big data are emerging, and inaccurate speed control will drive further expansion and transformation of future telecom operations

Dr. liuguangyi, the chief expert of China mobile wireless, the operator with the largest number of users in the world, shared with the audience the rapid deployment and operation experience of China Mobile TD-LTE network, and mentioned that the number of OT "pressure replenishment" jointly encountered by operators depends on the material and manufacturing quality of the packaging bag. The RCS business application strategy of T business challenges and the outlook for the future 5g. Mr. Ted, the special adviser to the CEO of Softbank mobile in Japan, introduced the development history of Softbank TD-LTE network and its great business success in Japan. Mario, an expert from Hutchison Whampoa in Austria, talked about his experience in LTE network evolution and customer-oriented experience improvement, and worked closely with ZTE to achieve win-win results

Dr. Xiang Jiying, chief scientist of ZTE, first proposed the concept of pre-5g at the LTE World Summit Forum in the Netherlands in 2014, and made a keynote speech on evolution from 4G to 5g at this forum. The speech pointed out that the evolution of telecommunications infrastructure is developing in the direction of mobility, IP/optical fiber, intelligence/virtualization; Mobility has become the dominant direction of operators' access network level; Mobile communication technology has expanded from traditional telecom operators to solve the highly automated communication between people to the information interaction between people and things, things and things in the m-ict era. Mobile intelligent terminals, Cloud Applications and IOT will stimulate the continuous explosive growth of mobile data traffic, and promote the development of 5g technology towards achieving 1000 times the system capacity and 10g access rate, 50billion massive access and a large number of new application scenarios in the future

the guests attending this conference include many important partners and customers of ZTE, such as Telefonica group in Europe, Telenor group, KPN group and telecom operators in other parts of the world

ZTE is one of the world's leading wireless network equipment suppliers. Its wireless equipment is commercially available in more than 160 operators in more than 110 countries around the world. By the end of December 2014, ZTE had won 170 lte/epc commercial contracts, entered 70% of the countries and regions that have invested in LTE, and is the fastest-growing manufacturer in the global LTE market. ZTE provides high-quality 4G equipment and services for global high-end operators, including Bharti, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, DT, hi3g, KPN, Telefonica, Telenor, teliasonera, Vodafone, vimpelcom, etc

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