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ZTE's new generation of smart cloud computer helps intelligent manufacturing enterprises to upgrade their intelligence

with the development of the integration of the two modernizations of China's manufacturing industry (the deep integration of informatization and industrialization), more and more manufacturing enterprises have started the intelligent manufacturing mode. For an intelligent manufacturing enterprise, the core problem is how to speed up production efficiency through informatization to cope with the lean production capacity and flexible manufacturing of intelligent factories in the industrial 4.0 era. At the same time, with the globalization of manufacturing enterprises, how to reduce the cost of it construction and operation and maintenance in the manufacturing industry, how to ensure the effective protection of the core technology assets in the manufacturing industry, and how to enable the enterprise personnel distributed around the world to achieve rapid communication, these real problems are the difficulties faced by the CIO of each intelligent manufacturing enterprise. It can be said that the degree of informatization directly determines the operating efficiency and cost of manufacturing enterprises, and then affects the survival and competitiveness of enterprises

recently, ZTE held an online conference on the secure office solution of usmart cloud computer, showing the four characteristics of the new generation of usmart cloud computer in the secure office field: remote, safe, efficient and intelligent. ZTE has been fighting in the CT field for many years, and has a very deep accumulation in communication reliability, bandwidth and encoding and decoding algorithms, security control, video conferencing, collaborative office, big data analysis, etc. through a large number of service practices, the newly launched new generation of usmart cloud computer security office solution also puts forward an innovative overall solution to solve the pain points of intelligent manufacturing enterprises

01 GPU computing power sharing for intelligent manufacturing

ZTE's new generation of usmart cloud computers pool enterprise computing resources, lead the industry to standardize the development of Pu resources for the high demand of R & D designers in the manufacturing industry, and allocate them to enterprise R & D personnel on demand through the hybrid pool of GPU transmission and GPU virtualization. Through the scheduling strategy of computing service, peak staggering can meet the high computing power requirements of design, rendering, AI, etc., which greatly improves the utilization of hardware resources while improving the design efficiency of the enterprise, and greatly reduces the purchase cost of IT equipment. At the same time, ZTE's new generation of smart cloud computers can effectively reduce the occupation of system computing resources by inactive users and save operating costs by using intelligent sleep technology to ensure that the meshing clearance of the user's ball screw transmission pair can be adjusted and tested at will

02 safe, controllable and efficient cooperation

for the hydraulic universal experimental machine after intelligent system repair, the results of the R & D and design personnel of the manufacturing enterprise must be verified with the third-class standard experimental force sensor. It is suggested that all data be put on the cloud, and the terminal has zero data residue, so as to prevent data loss caused by hardware damage. ZTE usmart cloud computer does not allow unauthorized personnel to enter the core areas through access control; By adopting the multi-level disaster tolerance strategy of data objects, the data will not be lost; Through the fine control of peripheral ports, the core data cannot be taken away; Through innovative schemes such as hierarchical authorization of documents and digital watermarking, unauthorized personnel are not shown; At the same time, cloud anti-virus, behavior audit based on big data and timely warning of abnormal behaviors are adopted to prevent information security risks and effectively ensure the office safety and data safety of enterprises

ZTE's new generation of usmart cloud computer organically integrates audio and video communication, screen sharing, and electronic whiteboard, so that communicators can easily realize face-to-face communication and whiteboard interaction without spending high travel costs and time costs, greatly improving communication efficiency

03 intelligent operation and maintenance makes it easier for enterprises to maintain.

intelligent manufacturing enterprises need a lot of IT resources to support the rapid development of industrialization and informatization. They need professional IT operation and maintenance teams. Simplifying it operation and maintenance can greatly reduce OPEX. By building an intelligent experience sensing system and a multi-dimensional index system, ZTE's new generation of smart cloud computer can not only control the operation index of the overall system and each module in real time, but also scientifically measure the user's experience, predict the potential failure risk, and support end-to-end rapid troubleshooting and diagnosis, making it easier for enterprise IT maintenance personnel to operate, Easier maintenance

ZTE has now provided cloud computing services to 300000 + users worldwide, and has deployed this service widely in manufacturing, finance, operators, education, government, utilities and many other industries. With its deep understanding of intelligent manufacturing industry and strong technical strength, ZTE will be committed to helping intelligent manufacturing enterprises upgrade in the era of industry 4.0

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