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ZTE helps China Unicom build a smart network middle platform system

recently, the China Unicom smart network middle platform cloud conference was successfully held, which opened a beautiful movement for global industrial chain partners to work together. As a long-term partner of China Unicom, ZTE actively participates in the construction of smart network ecology and helps China Unicom build a smart network middle platform system

the spring tide of new infrastructure requires new capabilities to support

the rise of the spring tide of new infrastructure represents the new development stage of industrial digital transformation, puts forward new capacity requirements for information infrastructure construction, and requires a new infrastructure system that provides services such as digital transformation, intelligent upgrading, and integrated innovation. Therefore, the cloud infrastructure of operators needs to comply with the development requirements of new infrastructure, provide new capabilities such as digitalization, intelligence, it/ct integration, realize the empowerment of thousands of industries, and help the high-quality development of the whole social and economic life

smart midrange opens a new stage of capacity-building

domestic operators, led by 5g new infrastructure, actively promote the transformation and upgrading of networks, and the construction of smart midrange is an important part of this round of network transformation. At the same time, operators began to build a new 5g scenario operation mode of network + midrange + application. Intelligent midrange is the core of cloud capability France's introduction of high-strength epoxy composite materials for abstraction, polymerization, openness and operation, and the link that cloud infrastructure enables new businesses (2c/2b/2h)

intelligent large and medium-sized platform is composed of several sub medium-sized platform modules, such as technology medium-sized platform, data/ai medium-sized platform, business medium-sized platform, and capability operation. Each midrange platform precipitates and aggregates various decentralized cloud capabilities, and then flexibly arranges and combines them according to the needs of the scene, providing standardized services through the open API interface

technology midrange: through the specific solution of unified cloud base technology, it provides the underlying technical capability support for the business midrange, data/ai midrange, capability operation and other modules of the entire intelligent midrange, such as micro service framework, distributed database, distributed message, computing framework, etc., so as to realize the sharing and reuse of underlying technical capabilities

data/ai midrange: realize unified data collection and aggregation, conduct data governance based on unified data standards, establish a standardized and shared data layered architecture, integrate big data and AI technology, and provide unified data/ai services externally

capability operation: realize the convergence and access of cloud capabilities, build an atomic capability directory, arrange and combine capabilities based on scenario requirements, form a scenario service warehouse, and carry out the accuracy of the external machine. The opening and operation of accurate capabilities can not only rely on verification, but also help the agile development of front-end products and businesses

ZTE actively complies with the network transformation trend of smart platform, and introduces the idea of smart platform into the new generation of product design. Software architectures such as 5g new tube, big data/ai platform, etc. have begun to be implemented based on the unified cloud base of technology platform. It has the capabilities of flexible micro services, container development and capacity opening, and helps operators provide agile, intensive and open cloud integrated services

ZTE helps China Unicom build a new ecosystem of intelligent networks

China Unicom is the first domestic operator to practice the centralized construction of communication network operation support system and the development of intelligent network capacity. On this basis, it has established China Unicom's intelligent network middle platform system. ZTE has been firmly supporting China Unicom's network transformation for a long time, and has actively participated in 12. When the experimental machine is not in use, it has cooperated with China Unicom in five types of network, medium and Taiwan core capacity building (network communication services, resource scheduling services, network data services, activation services, fault performance services), and has jointly carried out network AI services, 5g automation, intelligent energy conservation, intelligent configuration audit and other projects with China Unicom in Jiangsu, Henan, Shandong, Guangdong and other places, Continue to assist China Unicom in the construction of its smart network system and jointly create a new ecosystem of smart networks

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