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ZTE Gigabit lte/5g NR label technology won the 21st China heating stage plastic thermal expansion can be ignored Patent Gold Award

recently, ZTE won one China Patent Gold Award and one silver award in the 21st China Patent Award. Among them, the modulation processing method and device of Gigabit lte/5g NR tag technology won the gold medal. So far, ZTE has won 8 gold awards, 2 silver awards and 33 Excellence Awards in the China Patent Award, making it the most award-winning enterprise in the communications industry. In addition, ZTE microelectronics won one China Patent Excellence Award

the patent that won the gold medal this time is the tag technology of Gigabit LTE and 5g NR, which is applicable to fdd-lte/tdd-lte and all versions of 5g base stations and terminals. The core technology of the patent improves the peak data rate and spectral efficiency of air interface channel data transmission. The patented technology scheme was adopted by the LTE standard and 5g NR standard formulated by 3GPP. It is a required technology of LTE and 5g standards and is widely and long-term applied to global mobile communications. Gigabit LTE is the mainstream evolution direction of LTE network and the foundation of 5g. Gigabit LTE network and 5g network will complement each other, occupy the future mobile communication market for a long time, promote the development of communication industry, Internet economy and vertical industry, and make great contributions to the world economy and China's communication and economy

the patents that won the silver medal have been widely used in smart cards, switches, routers, server products and mainstream chip suppliers of mainstream manufacturers in the industry. The technical solution of this patent has been adopted by the 802.1br standard of the ieee802.1 DCB working group, which plays a great role in promoting the global large-scale application of this technology while stabilizing its position in the electronic and electrical industry

the patented invention of ZTE microelectronics, which won the Excellence Award, solves the problem that RF IC engineers are puzzled by the material performance data required by the computer-aided design of all shell components in the multi-mode RF chip to meet the expected load and conduct mode current analysis. The chip area is too large, which greatly reduces the cost of RF circuit, improves RF performance, and brings beneficial effects to LTE. In the development of ZTE microelectronics chips, analog radio frequency has developed rapidly, and radio frequency chips have emerged from scratch. The invention is * recycled plastic bottles and mineral water bottles: lightweight fibers derived from recycled plastic bottles and mineral water bottles are used to produce f ⑴ 50 automobile wheel liners and baffle plates

ZTE is committed to building the core competitiveness of independent innovation in the 5g era. According to the report released by the internationally renowned patent data company iplytics in January 2020, ZTE disclosed 2561 families of necessary patents for 5g standards to ETSI, ranking among the top three in the world. ZTE has about 76000 global patent applications, holds more than 36000 valid authorized patents, and has a 5g strategic global patent layout of more than 5000, ranking in the first camp of 5g global strategic layout. ZTE is a major participant and contributor in the global 5g technology research and standard setting, and has submitted more than 7000 5g related proposals to the global standards organization

ZTE adheres to the leading technology and invests more than 10% of its revenue in research and development every year. In the first quarter of 2020, research and development accounted for more than 15%. It focuses on the end-to-end research and development and layout of 5g, and promotes the prosperity of 5g industry and the sustainable development of digital economy by accelerating key technological innovation

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