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ZTE makes every effort to ensure the operation of Xining urban operation management command center

in the face of the pneumonia epidemic infected by covid-19, Xining urban operation management command center, which was constructed by ZTE, undertakes important anti epidemic tasks. With the help of big data, Internet, cloud computing and other technologies, it integrates urban information, drives collaborative governance, links unified command and scheduling, and maximizes urban safety

during the epidemic period, ZTE actively responded to the needs of Xining Emergency Management Bureau and quickly organized a technical team to comprehensively support the correct solution of the hydraulic universal testing machine in the critical period of the anti epidemic. The following are the following: guarantee, in the form of remote + on-site duty, 7*24 hours to ensure the normal operation of the video consultation and command system and emergency dispatching system of Xining urban operation management command center, and ensure the interconnection with various emergency types, Realize the first-line communication between emergency command and dispatching and urban management and guarantee. At the same time, Xining urban operation management command center has access to 80 business systems in the city, gathers various video resources in the city, covers the core emergency response units in the city, assists in building a collaborative command platform under special circumstances, and timely and effectively handles and cooperates with Japan and South Korea

at present, ZTE is making every effort to ensure the normal operation of Xining urban operation management command center. Xining Emergency Management Bureau can check the epidemic prevention situation in important crowded places such as buses, high-speed toll stations and railway stations in real time through the command center, and timely find people gathering, not wearing masks and other behaviors, so as to comprehensively serve the epidemic prevention and control work in Xining. When dealing with the incident, it issued instructions to relevant units in time to assist the on-site epidemic situation disposal personnel to quickly locate, rectify and solve problems, and support the efficient implementation of the city's anti epidemic and disaster relief work

ZTE will continue to work together with poor overall technology, which is particularly prone to vibration. It will closely cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work of relevant departments in Xining City, and contribute to winning the fight against epidemic prevention and control

in 26 provinces across the country, ZTE is also fully assisting the three major operators in the construction of 4/5g networks in nearly 200 hospitals in 82 cities, making due contributions to the national epidemic prevention and disaster relief. In terms of public welfare assistance, ZTE public welfare foundation has been paying close attention to the development of the epidemic and the shortage of materials in the epidemic area, fully linked with the global business resources of the enterprise, actively mobilized staff volunteers to take concerted actions, rushed to the front line of anti epidemic in Hubei and Shenzhen, and provided medical masks, alcohol, testing equipment and other materials for anti epidemic institutions such as hospitals, centers for Disease Control and public security departments

ZTE is the world's leading provider of integrated communications solutions. By providing innovative technology and product solutions to telecom operators and enterprise customers in more than 160 countries and regions around the world, the company enables users all over the world to enjoy voice, data, multimedia, wireless broadband and other all-round communication. At present, ZTE has fully served the global mainstream operators and enterprise customers. With the first 5g scale commercial deployment in the world, ZTE Corporation has invested 1billion yuan in cash in Xingwang holdings to obtain 46 5g commercial contracts worldwide, covering major 5g markets such as China, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, and has launched 5g cooperation with more than 70 operators around the world

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