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ZTE enterprise data products won the "best ICT product of 2012"

ctiforum December 23 News of collection system failure on the 0th (Yang Yi): Recently, ZTE's all Gigabit smart switch zxr5250 stood out in the best ICT (in formation communication technology) product selection held by funkschau, the authoritative German communication media, with its excellent performance and efficient service, and was ranked the top three, which was favored by European readers and enterprise users

funkschau, as the mainstream communication media in Germany, has become one of the largest votes in the B2B field of the information and communication technology industry in the German speaking region. This year is the fourth year of the award, with more than 44000 votes. The award is highly authoritative and influential in the European communication industry

ZTE Germany Co., Ltd. appeared in the selection activity this year with zxr10 5250 series full Gigabit intelligent Ethernet switches, and participated in the readers' vote of funkschau for the first time. Zxr10 5250 series switches have high-density full Gigabit ports, which are customized for small and medium-sized enterprises, meet a variety of Ethernet Gigabit access scenarios, realize rapid deployment with rich business functions and advanced technology, maximize resource utilization, and provide the best security guarantee for the network with a variety of technologies such as ring multicast fast switching

we are very happy to win this award. This shows that ZTE switch products have established a good reputation in the industry. John L, general manager of ZTE Germany, was gradually weakened by its influence. EE said: this fully proves that our channel expansion strategy has been wrong in the fertile soil of the German market. It has taken root and grown gradually because of the strain gauge pasted on the surface of the elastic components. As a reliable ICT solution provider in the whole industry, ZTE's excellent ICT solutions will serve more German speaking enterprise customers

Ralf Ladner, publisher of funkschau, said: ZTE is undoubtedly one of the most dazzling stars this year. The voting results proved that it occupies a dominant position in the B2B field of the communication technology industry. More than 44000 votes will have a strong impact on the ICT field, and readers' choices will have a huge impact on future market purchase decisions

in recent years, ZTE's bearer switch products have achieved rapid development. According to ovum's latest research report (2012q2), Ethernet switches have ranked second in the global operator market for seven consecutive quarters, and continue to narrow the gap with the first. In the Asia Pacific market, ZTE has undoubtedly become the first in the Asia Pacific with a 21% share, and continues to maintain its leading position

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