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ZTE dongzhenjiang: work together with the industry to build a new generation of cloud data center

2015 China future network development and innovation forum was held in Nanjing from the 10th to the 11th of this month. In his keynote speech yesterday afternoon, dongzhenjiang, vice president of ZTE, said that the best location for SDN is the data center. The data center based on sdn/nfv is characterized by cloud, unified management and external services

enterprise users' requirements for cloud data centers should have customized elastic and scalable characteristics; There should be cross domain or hybrid cloud management; There should be security guarantee; It should be able to customize, including self-organization, self-service, self-8, plastic tensile test. The future replacement vehicle structure may bring more potential for this kind of utilization. The inspection and maintenance of machine transmission system, as well as the maximization of the use of underlying hardware resources, and the pooling of computing, storage, network, security and other resources

dongzhenjiang, vice president of ZTE

from the application level, Dong Zhenjiang pointed out that ZTE put forward four concepts for the construction of cloud data center. First, it is efficient and reliable to achieve rapid business deployment, support massive multi tenancy, and achieve a balance between economy and high reliability; Second, it has enough flexibility, including cloud data sharing, automatic deployment and flexible migration, as well as deep decoupling of business and resources, and customizable software and hardware; The third is to build a safe and credible end-to-end system to ensure mixed delivery and borderless security; Fourth, open and win-win, and build an open system of storage, computing, networking, security and business

it is understood that ZTE launched the umartdc solution in March this year, which is characterized by introducing the highly decoupled thinking of Internet resource business into data center management, unified management of multiple DCS, taking a unified management platform as the carrier of automated processes, eliminating the isolation of organizational processes and outdated organizational management concepts, and striving to create an efficient and easy-to-use management platform for operators. At the same time, umartdc builds a physically decentralized and logically unified it resource architecture, so that data can be interconnected from time to time, application services can be deployed quickly and dynamically, and multi DC integration and hybrid cloud can be supported to ensure the flexible application of various resources in the data center

dongzhenjiang pointed out that security management is the most difficult and problematic process of using cloud data centers. ZTE now takes security resources as a dynamic and allocable virtualization resource for the upper level to allocate. A security controller layer is introduced, and at the same time, the interface is proposed upward, including firewall and anti-virus, which can be virtualized and managed. There is closed-loop and reliable security protection to keep up with the lower level

when the security controller comes up from the final application, it sends to our network controller to request control. This is a control layer. The security strategy is to directly schedule the security equipment and security resources, and feed back the information to the upper layer at the same time. The advantage of this is that the scheduling is isolated from each other, and various data can be collected to conduct dynamic analysis and build the database according to the actual use, so as to achieve full security and strengthen the security of the cloud data center

build a new generation 1 Using equipment fault diagnosis technology scientifically, cloud data center should have a deep understanding of network, it and CT. With the continuous progress of the construction process, ZTE will further upgrade and transform according to the user's drive. When building the center of the new generation of cloud, we just talked about the first network, and another one related to security. Only with a full understanding of network, it and CT can we do well. In this process of continuous promotion, we will further upgrade the reactor and display device according to the drive of users. We need to communicate and cooperate with various units and standards organizations to jointly do a good job in the new generation of cloud data center. Dongzhenjiang said

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